ULTRA One Day (30p)

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Product Description

ULTRA ONE Day  Your vision will be perfectly corrected both on a bright day and in poor visibility conditions. The special high-resolution optics technology of these lenses prevents halos around light sources and blurring of vision at dusk, at night and in poor visibility conditions (for example, reducing the glare caused by the headlights of oncoming vehicles while driving).

ULTRA ONE Day are the world's first contact lenses designed to combat dry eye symptoms and are enriched with both moisturizers, osmoprotectants and electrolytes to maintain the health of the ocular surface at the cellular level.

Why choose ULTRA One Day?

  • Class 2 UVA and UVB filters. It blocks up to 95% of all UVB and 50% of all UVA rays, reducing the negative impact of harmful radiation on the eye. Attention! Contact lenses with a UV filter do not replace sunglasses, because the lens does not completely cover the surface of the eye and the skin around the eyes.
  • Two innovative technologies are used to make these contacts, ensuring a high level of hydration and maximum comfort throughout the day:
    • MoistureSeal technology ensures a high building water content thanks to its hydrophilic components. The silicone-hydrogel material itself contains 55% water and, thanks to MoistureSeal technology, retains 96% of all moisture even after 16 hours of lens wear.
    • ComfortFeel technology maintains a sense of comfort by activating ingredients that enrich and stabilize the tear film. ComfortFeel technology combines the latest generation moisturizers (poloxamin 1107 and poloxamer 181) embedded in the lens material to attract water to the eye surface, osmoprotectors (glycerin and erythrol) to prevent eye surface cell damage and electrolytes (sodium) to stabilize cells.

Product Information
Radius 8.6
Diameter 14.2
Material Kalifilcon A
Water content 55%
DK/l, Dk/t 134
Design Spherical
Duration of use Day
Package 30

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Customer reviews for ULTRA One Day (30p) 4.6
Albina K.
09.11.2023, Latvia
Austra S.
10.10.2023, Latvia
Инна К.
23.06.2023, Estonia
26.05.2023, Latvia
Ineta D.
23.05.2023, Latvia
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