Remember the last time you wore contact lenses for longer than the specified time?
Unfortunately, a large proportion of contact lens users often forget to buy new lenses. Use of contact lenses for longer than the period specified by the manufacturer may cause serious damage to the eyes, even in severe cases even causing visual damage. That is why regular lens replacement is not only recommended but even mandatory.

Dr.Lensor will help you remember!
Thinking about the comfort and eye health of its customers, Dr.Lensor offers a new and convenient service - a contact lens subscription. When applying for a subscription, automatic payment will be activated and contact lenses will be waiting for you at a selected optician's salon, Omniva parcel terminal every month or every 3 months, or the courier will deliver them directly to you!

What are the benefits of a contact lens subscription?
When applying for a subscription, you determine the amount of contact lenses you want to receive each month. Order one pair of extended use (including toric and multifocal) contact lenses or starting from 5 pairs of one day contact lenses and the Dr.Lensor team will make sure that your special order is always delivered on time!

If you want to receive both lenses and a solution every month, then add all the selected items to the cart! It is also possible to subscribe to kits prepared by Dr.Lensor!

Everyone who needs a special order will be especially happy. Until now, users of plus strengths, high minus diopters, and toric and multifocal contact lenses had to wait several weeks to receive an order, and at least 6 lenses had to be paid for at one time. When subscribing to a special order, your contact lenses will be in Dr.Lensor's office and every month our team will send one pair to the chosen address!

You can subscribe to any contact lenses from the offer!

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