Find your sunglasses and frames using virtual try-on

Found a great pair of glasses or sunglasses but not sure if they fit you? Try them online using our virtual try-on tool.

All you need is your device camera. Trying on glasses has never been so convenient and fun! Share your best finds with friends and make a perfect choice.


What is it?

Using our virtual try-on tool, you'll see a virtual 3D model of real glasses and sunglasses combined with your video selfie. This helps to estimate the size and fitting of your selected frames. Virtual try-on makes choosing easier and helps you find the perfect eyewear.

Statistics show that in optics salons, people try on about 8 frames before finding suitable ones. Sounds exhausting? Then go for the simple and fun virtual try-on on our webshop!

How it works?

Take a selfie

Allow the tool to use your device's camera and follow the instructions: look into the camera, and turn your head left and right.

If you wear glasses, remove them for taking the selfie.

Find your size

The virtual try-on tool calculates your face measurements using a standard plastic card.

Take any plastic card (for example a loyalty or payment card) and use the reverse side so no data will be visible. Following the instructions, place the card on your forehead.

Try on glasses

Now you can see how different glasses and sunglasses suit you.

For best results, avoid very bright or dim light. Light conditions may impact your face readings and fitting accuracy.


Try on sunglasses Try on glasses


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