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Product Description

Antibacterial horizontal contact lens case with silver ion coating.

The material of this contact lens case incorporates highly active silver ions that release from the walls of the case and improves the disinfection of contact lenses.

1) Silver ions rupture bacterial cell membranes, thus enhancing the antibacterial activity of the contact lens care product.


2) The silver coating prevents the formation of bacterial biofilm in the contact lens case during its use, providing a clean and safe environment for contact lens storage.


Silver ion contact lens cases do not need to be dried. The contact lens case must be replaced once a month or every time new contact lenses are used.  When cleaning contact lenses dirt, protein, etc. removed from them settles on the walls of the contact lens case. Therefore, if you want the contact lenses to last as long as possible and always stay clean, do not forget to change the contact lens case in time.



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