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Office glasses are innovative reading glasses that help balance the symptoms of presbyopia – a natural age-related near vision decline that can already start in your 40s. Also known as advanced reading glasses or degressive glasses, this type of eyewear is designed for the modern office environment and computer work.


Office glasses are innovative reading glasses designed for modern office environments


Compared to traditional reading glasses, office glasses offer better comfort in seeing mid-range objects in addition to close objects. This means that you’ll see clearly your papers, computer screen, and people next to you! You don't need to look above these modern reading glasses to see screens at different distances or talk to your colleagues. 


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Reading glasses vs office glasses



Help you see clearly in a close range of 30-40 cm

Help you see clearly in a close range of 30-40 cm as well as in mid-range of up to 80 cm and more

Convenient for reading a book or working with close objects such as handicraft projects.

Perfect for the modern office environment, where you need to see your papers and screen and communicate with people next to you.
You need to take classical reading glasses off or look above them to see your computer screen or the people next to you.

You can see your computer screen as well as the people next to you, wearing your office glasses. So you don't need to look above your glasses anymore.


Classical reading glasses help you see clearly in a close range of 30-40 cm. Wearing office glasses, you'll see clearly in close range as well as in mid-range of up to 80 cm and more, depending on your prescription.




How does vision start to change in our 40s?


Many people start to notice already in their 40s and 50s that the small fonts are not as clear to their eye anymore. If you have noticed reading a book is not as clear as it used to be, or struggle to see your phone, you may have the early signs of presbyopia – a natural age-related near vision decline. This is not a disease and happens sooner or later to almost everyone.


Many people notice the difficulty with near vision focus already in their 40s


For balancing presbyopia, you can wear multifocal contact lenses, go for classical reading glasses or get office glasses designed for the modern office environment.

To choose the suitable product you need a normal reading glasses prescription. Dr. Lensor's office glasses come with high-quality lenses to offer you the maximum comfort working in a modern office environment. However, if you are not happy with the product, you can return them conveniently within 30 days.


Which are the early signs of near vision decline?


  • Blurry close vision

Many people notice the signs of presbyopia for the first time when they struggle to read small fonts in dimly-lit rooms, for example, restaurant menus. The second typical sign is the need to increase the fonts on your smartphone.

  • Tired eyes

With presbyopia, the eyes work extra hard while focusing on close-up objects, for example when reading a book, or working at a computer. This is why eyes might feel strained or sleepy more often.

  • Headaches

With presbyopia, after long periods of reading or screen time, you might get headaches due to eye strain.

  • Seeing halos around lights

Fuzzy vision can be another sign of presbyopia. This often causes a halo effect, especially when looking at headlights or lightbulbs. Glasses can help correct this, however, this could also be a sign of eye problems, so definitely contact your eye specialist.

  • Difficulty seeing after dark

As our eyes age, our night vision will slowly deteriorate. For example, if the dashboard on your car is difficult to see, especially at night, you may be noticing the first signs of presbyopia.

  • Frequently rubbing your eyes

In the first stages of presbyopia, eyes may feel irritated from working to overcome focusing challenges and you might feel a need to rub them more often.

  • Squinting

Presbyopia can progress slowly and many people try to postpone getting eyeglasses. However, if you notice that you are often squinting when trying to focus, then it is time for an eye check!


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