Diviniti OxyPro161 Multifocal

Product Description

Newest generation silicon-hydrogel contact lenses Diviniti OxyPro161

Broader range of parameters.

Excellent oxygen penetrability. Especially high oxygen penetrability index (Dk/t 161) will facilitate the preservation of eye health.

High eye hydration level. Lens surface hydration technology will provide comfort for your eyes all day long.

Especially smooth surface. NanoglassTM technology guarantees structure of especially smooth surface and transparency at the highest level. 

MeniSilkTM technology decreases friction between the eye and eyelid during blinking, ensuring less irritation.

Excellent resilience against lipid deposits. Diviniti OxyPro161 has the highest antibacterial resilience. Treatment of silicon-hydrogel material with Asmofilcon A ensures a continuous cleanness and comfortable use of contact lenses, and maintains the eye health.


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Brand Diviniti
Duration of use Month
Design Multifocal
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