Biofinity XR

Product Description

Biofinity XR contact lenses provide an extended range of prescriptions and have been created by manufacturer CooperVision to cater for more extreme prescriptions. With a range of -20.00 to 15.00 available, these monthly contact lenses can offer visual correction for essentially anyone.

Part of the Biofinity range, these XR contact lenses deliver the same exceptional degree of quality and comfort.

  • XR range covers stronger prescriptions.
  • Aquaform® Technology allows oxygen to flow through to the eye with ease.
  • Lenses retain moisture for high level of comfort.
  • Monthly lenses: can be worn for 30 consecutive days, under the advice of an eye care professional.

The silicone hydrogel structure of Biofinity XR contact lenses means that a welcome supply of oxygen can pass through the lens to reach your cornea. Essentially, this translates to fresher, healthier eyes, especially as the day goes on, with eyes that are kept hydrated and free from irritation.

Product Information

Unit price €9.60
Package 3
Brand Biofinity
Duration of use Month
Design Spherical
VAT included
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Unit price €9.60


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