Biofinity Energys® (3p)

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Product Description

Biofinity Energys contact lenses is one of the manufacturers most innovative and affordable monthly disposable contact lenses, providing exceptional comfort and quality to last all day. 

You can enjoy continuous comfort with their premium Aquaform Technology design, that attracts and binds water for a highly wettable and smooth lens surface. This allows more oxygen to flow through the lenses for a breathable and healthier contact lens wearing experience. So, if you find yourself spending a significant amount of time in front of a digital screen, you can rely on Biofinity Energys contacts to reduce the impact of tired and dry eyes. 

With built in Digital Zone Optics lens design technology, these premium monthly contact lenses achieve clear and crisp vision for the wearer. They are specifically created to offer seamless vision between your on and off-screen time, minimising the strain and trying effects prolonged screen use have on your eyes. 

  • Focus more easily on digital displays.
  • Eyes feel less dry during wear with Aquaform® Technology.
  • Eyes stay healthy thanks to High levels of oxygen flow.
  • Eyes feel less tired because of Digital Zone OpticsTM.

Product Information
Material Comfilcon A
Water content 48%
Manufacturer CooperVision
Package 3
Design Spherical
Duration of use Month
DK/l, Dk/t 160

Reviews 5

Customer reviews for Biofinity Energys® (3p) 4.8
Baiba A.
29.01.2023, Latvia
Erika J.
05.01.2023, Lithuania
Audronė B.
Nineļa S.
20.10.2022, Latvia
Olga Š.
10.10.2022, Latvia

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