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Dr.Lensor offers great deals for contact lenses from the most popular brands such as - Air Optix, Dailies, Biofinity, Acuvue Oasys, Soflens and others.

What are contact lenses?

Contact lenses are thin, clear, curved lenses that, when applied to the cornea of ​​the human eye, can correct vision or change the appearance of the eye.

What are the main reasons for using lenses?

Most wearers of contact lenses use them directly for vision correction. Contact lenses can improve vision just like any glasses. Lenses also give a different, very interesting sensation - as if a person's vision is within normal limits, and he has neither myopia nor hyperopia.

Colored lenses and carnival contact lenses can be used in preparation for a theme party or carnival. 

Why choose contact lenses over glasses?

Most of us probably know someone who uses lenses and probably don't even realize it. This is a very important reason for some people to use lenses - others do not even suspect that you are using a vision correction device.

For others, more important than the fact that the lenses are invisible is the ease of use. Glasses can be very disturbing, especially when you are active - running, dancing, swimming ... 

Pros and cons of contact lenses

Lenses are used by at least 2% of the world's population and, of course, wearing contact lenses have their pros and cons.

Pros of contact lenses:

  • Improves visual appearance by eliminating the need to wear glasses.
  • Can participate in various physical activities without fear of falling or breaking glasses.
  • Contact lenses do not form condensation and moisture does not accumulate in cold or hot weather.
  • Most lenses do not cause discomfort, and when you use them, you feel that your vision is within normal limits.
  • You can buy daily, biweekly or monthly contact lenses.
  • Due to the popularity of lenses, their prices have dropped significantly over the past decade.

Cons of contact lenses:

  • Long-term lenses should be cleaned and stored carefully to avoid damaging them.
  • Many users require an adaptation period before the cornea gets used to the foreign body (lens) on it.
  • Contact lenses can cause inflammation much more easily because germs are transferred from the fingers to the surface of the eye.
  • Always remember to remove your lenses in time, because if you stay on the eye for too long, they can cause discomfort or even inflammation.
  • Ultimately, using lenses becomes more expensive than wearing glasses because lenses need to be changed regularly.


If you wear glasses every day, Dr. Lensor recommends trying contact lenses!

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