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Product Description

Premium silicone hydrogel monthly contact lenses from Alcon.

TOTAL30® is the first and only monthly contact lens to incorporate water gradient technology that provides almost 100% water on the contact lens surface. This creates a gentle moisture cushion so that the lenses are comfortable to wear every day for a whole month.


  • The unique CELLIGENT® technology helps to resist sediment and bacteria, creating a protective layer that mimics the natural surface of the eye.
  • TOTAL30® monthly contact lenses are made from a new material called Lehfilcon A. This material is made using water gradient technology and contains almost 100% water on the surface of the contact lens, so nothing touches the eye other than a gentle moisture pad, which ensures moisture stability. The water content of the contact lens core is 55%, which provides an excellent feeling of comfort.
  • High air permeability will make the use of contact lenses even more convenient.
  • These lenses will provide the same feeling of wearing even after 30 days.

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Product Information
Radius 8.4
Diameter 14.2
Material Lehfilcon A
Water content 55%
DK/l, Dk/t 154
Design Spherical
Brand TOTAL30
Duration of use Month
Package 3

Reviews 7

Customer reviews for TOTAL30® (3p) 4.9
Agnese B.
27.10.2023, Latvia
Olga U.
01.07.2023, Estonia
Vytenis Š.
Indrė T.
15.12.2022, Lithuania
vadims g.
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