Artelac TripleAction 10 ml

Product Description

ARTELAC's Triple Action 3-in-1 formulation provides a comprehensive solution for alleviating dry eye symptoms by providing hydration throughout the day.

ARTELAC Triple Action contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in human tears and intensively moisturizes the eyes;
  • Carbomer binds and keeps moisture on the surface of the eye longer;
    The lipid component reduces tear evaporation. In this way, the eye drops replenish and stabilize all three layers of the tear film and improve the hydration of the eye surface.
  • Artelac® TripleAction can be used daily. It is suitable for age-related dry eyes or diseases that cause dry eyes (such as Meibomian gland dysfunction, rheumatism or neurodermatitis). Eye drops are also suitable for long-term use, for women after menopause, for patients after cataract surgery.

Contact lenses must be removed from the eyes before using the product! After 15 minutes, you can put them back and continue using them.

Usage: Put one drop of Artelac® Triple Action in the eye. You can use it every day and as often as you want. There is no limit to the duration of use.

Composition: 0.24% hyaluronic acid (in the form of sodium hyaluronate), carbomer, glycerin and lipid components (medium chain triglycerides), sodium hydroxide and water for injections.

*Valid for 6 months after opening.

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