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Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light glasses, also known as screen or computer glasses, protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by screens. They are suitable for everyone - even contact lens users!

Why do I need blue light blocking glasses?

Nowadays we spend close to 8 hours a day staring in different screens. Researchers say that blue light emitted from screens over longer period can can have negative impact on our health - eyes get tired and dry, vision becomes blurry, blue light can cause headaches, overall fatigue and sleep problems.

A special coating on these glasses blocks the blue light of screens and prevents it from getting to retina.

Who can use blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light glasses can be used by adults and children alike. Nowadays children spend close to or even more time using different devices with screens as adults. Screen glasses will prevent the negative effects and help to focus even to children with perfect eyesight.

If you are a contact lens user, know that you can wear contacts and computer glasses at the same time! Some models of contacts actually have built in protection for blue light, but that still is very rare.

If you wear glasses on daily basis, then keep in mind that with your next order of glasses you can have a blue light blocking coating for the lenses.

What are the benefits of using blue light glasses?

By using blue light blocking glasses on daily basis you will:

  • Reduce the eye strain and dryness, relieve eye discomfort;
  • Prevent headaches caused by blue light;
  • Improve your sleep quality.

What is the difference between blue light blocking, screen and computer glasses?

Essentially those are different names to describe the same product. They all are glasses that comes with a blue light blocking coating on the lenses. In some case though computer glasses use progressive lenses that have slight + diopter near the bottom of the lenses that improves the experience while using screens even more.

Why choose Dr.Lensor screen glasses?

Free delivery
We provide free delivery on all orders over 30 EUR.

14 day returns
Try blue light blocking glasses and see the effect they have on you! If you will not feel the effects, you can return the glasses in 14 days and we will return the purchase amount.​

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