Clear Color 55 (Olive FL312N)

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Oписание продукта

Combines the proven comfort and visual acuity of an aspherical lens design with a special sandwich technology to encapsulate the lens color. The larger contact lens diameter not only helps to center the lens precisely on the surface of the eye, but also brightens the natural beauty of larger, brighter eyes. Improved spherical aberration correction for better visibility and clear vision even in low light conditions.

Aspherical optical design:
ClearLab has developed a special technology for the production of contact lenses using the centrifugal casting method - digital mathematically calculated spherical aberration control for clear vision.

Sandwich technology:
Provides both beauty and health, because the colored circle is encapsulated in the material of the contact lens and does not touch the surface of the eye.

Информация о продукте
Радиус 8.6
Диаметр 14.2
Материал Methafilcon A
Water content 55
DK/l, Dk/t 24
Дизайн Сферический
Время использования Месяц
Упаковка 2
Base color Синий , Коричневый , Зелёный , Синевато-зеленый
Цвет Olive

Отзывы 1

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08.04.2023, Литва

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