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Colored contact lenses not only change eye color but also correct vision. Such lenses can be daily, weekly, monthly. Colored contact lenses come in several types - bold or discolored. We recommend choosing lenses that emphasize eye color, the most similar to the natural eye color. Meanwhile, eye-changing lenses can fundamentally change the color of the iris. Colored contact lenses are for day use only and should be removed at bedtime.


It is important to know that the layer of paint on colored menstrual contact lenses may in some cases cover part of the pupil, which may limit the field of vision. Usually the eyes adapt to such a restriction, but some people’s eyes may not adapt to it. In this case, wearing colored contact lenses is not recommended. Eye color with colored lenses may differ from those shown in the photos. It depends on the overall color combination of your eyes and lenses. Consult your eye doctor before wearing colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses are recommended for people who want to highlight or change the color of their eyes. Colored monthly contact lenses can be worn on days

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