Ocutein Sensitive Plus 15ml

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Ocutein Sensitive Plus - for sensitive eyes exposed to heavy loads.

Why choose Ocutein Sensitive Plus?

  • Helps reduce irritation; Eye moisturizer;
  • Also suitable for contact lens users;
  • Promotes cell surface regeneration;
  • Hiularonic acid- is naturally occurring in the human body. Thanks to its ability to absorb water, hyaluronic acid restores the tear film, making it stable and durable. This sodium salt of hyaluronic acid helps to improve the health of the surface of the eye, as well as helps to protect and moisturize the anterior surface of the eye.)
  • Blueberry extract - moisturizes and soothes dry and tired eyes. Especially suitable for sensitive eyes.)

User manual:

Apply one or two drops to each eye, one or more times a day, as needed or as recommended by a specialist. If you wear contact lenses, moisten the contact lenses with 2-3 drops before putting them on the eyes or moisten the eyes immediately after removing the lenses. Drop the drops on the contact lens itself several times a day or as needed.

Detailed composition:

Sodium hyaluronate 0.10% (sodium salt of hyaluronic acid), blueberry extract liquid, disodium edetate, POLYEXEXETHYLENE BIGUANIDE, buffered isotonic solution (pH 7.2).

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