Clear 1-Day (30p)

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Clear 1-Day Contact Lenses- they provide a clear and sharp vision when eyes are tired and stressful, often due to strenuous work, driving at night or windy conditions.

Improved material

Clear 1-Day contact lenses are made of the patented biocompatible material ClearGMA. High water content keeps your eyes hydrated all day long and reduces contact lens drying. People suffering from dry eye syndrome will definitely appreciate these Clear 1-Day contact lenses

Moisturizing AQUAGRIP Technology

Precisely due to AQUAGRIP Technology, these lenses are able to attract large amounts of water, thus improving their drying resistance and increasing the moisture content. Clear 1-Day contact lenses provide comfort throughout the day as well as throughout wear.

Informacija apie prekę
Pakuotė 30
Dizainas Sferinis
Lešių prekinis ženklas CLEARLAB
Naudojimo trukmė Diena
Water content 58%
DK/l, Dk/t 28

Clear 1-Day (30p)

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