Miru Flatpack

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Miru Flatpack is the world's thinnest contact lens package!

Miru FlatPack contact lenses are made of a special hydrogel material enriched with a glycerin derivative to naturally attract water, protecting the contact lenses from drying out all day long.

Miru FlatPack contact lenses differ with special packaging:

  • Thickness 1 mm - as thin as a business card, easy to carry in your pocket or purse
  • Easy-to-open blister - 4x less force needed to open the foil
  • Properly positioned contact lens - when the pack is opened, the outer surface of the lens always faces so that the lens is inserted faster and the inner surface of the lens is not contaminated with fingers touching it
  • Eco-friendly packaging - the primary packages are made using  6x less plastic compared with a standard contact lens blister and the secondary boxes are made from recycled lens-mold plastic.

Contact lenses provide both: ease of use and extremely sharp vision due to the aspherical lens design that allows ligth rays to focus precisely for maximum resolution during the day and in twilight and darkness.