ReNu MPS 120ml

Product Description

ReNu MPS- gentle and effective solution for sensitive eyes.

Why choose ReNu MPS?

  • Gentle but effective - gently cleans, rinses, moisturizes, disinfects and stores contact lenses.
  • Cleanses and provides comfort - contains Poloxamine (reduces lipid and debris deposits, as well as increases moisturizing capacity)
  • Disinfects contact lenses - contains Dymed® (perfectly disinfects, effectively kills microorganisms on the lens)
  • Moisturize contact lenses - optimal moisture will be ensured, which will prevent the accumulation of plaque, so the vision will remain clear and sharp when wearing the lenses
  • Compatible with all types of soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel.


The set includes a care product and an antibacterial contact lens container.

* Always consult an eye care professional before changing the contact lens solution.

** The contents of the opened bottle should be used within 3 months. 

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Brand RENU
Volume 120ml

ReNu MPS 120ml

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