Opti Free Express 355ml

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OPTI-FREE® Express®
Comfort that lasts all day 

OPTI-FREE® Express® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution contains Tetronic® 1304, which cleans, rinses, re-wets and stores
OPTI-FREE® Express® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution uses a combination of Citrate, Tetronic® 1304 and EDTA to promote effective cleaning from protein and lipids
Contains POLYQUAD® and ALDOX® – which surpasses ISO requirements for disinfection
6 month discard date after opening

Comfort: Tetronic® 1304 helps retain moisture on the lens surface for up to 8 hours
Compatibility: Compatible with both hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses
Reassurance: OPTI-FREE® Express® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution keeps your lenses clean and comfortable. It is all you need for daily care for any soft contact lenses
Disinfection: Excellent cleaning and disinfection with proven biocompatibility with high effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and acanthamoeba

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