Clariti Toric

Price for single lens
11.00 eur 7.70 eur
(Min 6 lenses)
Pupillary distance
If the recipe shows only the total pupillary distance, then the given number should be divided by 2 (both eyes have the same parameters)
eur .


  • Vision correction for astigmatism
  • Large parameter range lets you fit more patients
  • High Dk/t, low modulus and high water content
  • Supports excellent all-day comfort
  • Aspheric optics to minimize aberration
  • UVA and UVB protection

Balanced Approach for Comfort and Corneal Health

CooperVision clariti® toric lenses incorporate the right balance of oxygen transmissibility, non-surface treatment, low modulus and high water content, producing a lens that provides optimal comfort and corneal health.

clariti toric lenses feature AquaGen™ technology, a process that ensures continuous wettability throughout wearing time. The high 56% water content in clariti toric lenses combines with AquaGen technology to support excellent all-day comfort for your patients.

For excellent visual acuity, these lenses also feature aspheric optics to minimize aberration.

Optimized Performance for Astigmatism

clariti toric lenses feature an aspheric back surface and blended edge design that optimizes lens movement on the eye, while minimizing lens and conjunctival interactions. The design also features smooth transitions between zones, cut in a single pass. The result is exceptional comfort and handling for your patients.

You’ll also appreciate how clariti toric’s optimized design ensures interchangeability with other disposable lenses for high levels of refitting success. A single orientation mark at 6 o’clock simplifies your assessment of fit.