Diviniti Comfort Day

Product Description

The most sterile and softest silicone hydrogel contact lens in the world!

It is breathable, soft and protects against microorganisms and protects against the harmful UV rays – it is the smartest choice!

MeniSilkTM Air

Diviniti Comfort Day daily disposable lenses have had embedded improved technology that are impossible in the manufacturing of the monthly disposable contact lenses. The advantages are:

  • The high oxygen permeability allows the eye to breathe with contact lenses just as easily as without lenses, allowing to maintain eye health, clearness all day long. In addition, the smoothed-out lens thickness profile guarantees equal oxygen permeability regardless of the optical power.
  • Ultra-low modulus means that these lenses are one of the softest silicone hydrogel lenses in the world. Diviniti Comfort Day hardness modulus is just 0.36 MPa, because of that lens gently adheres to the eye surface, it is thin and imperceptible in the eye.
  • Very well-balanced water content – 56% of the contact lens mass is pure water. The high-water content allows the lens to adhere to the eye surface very gently and is friendly with the tear film. The wettability allows the lens adjust to the eye.

NanoGloss™ Pro

Menicon manufactured lenses are proud of the outstanding optical quality and precision, and Diviniti Comfort DAY lenses have reached Japanese quality highest peak. Professional level surface treatment technology ensures smooth, optically qualitative surface with nanometer precision. This surface treatment allows to reach goals that we could only dream about before:

  • Absolutely smooth surface – that ensures comfort for its wearer and insurmountable obstacle for microorganisms and prevents adhesion for deposits, as they can’t attach to lens surface and are washed away from they eye with the flow of the tear film. As a result the lenses are sterile not only in the morning after inserting the lens in the eye, but also during wear for the whole day.
  • Low friction coefficient – contact lens wearer can blink without any effort, eyelids slide over the contact lens as if the lens wasn’t in the eye at all. Lens surface is slippery ensuring friction free sensation between the contact lens and the eye tissue.
  • Outstanding wettability – not only the lenses themselves are wet, but their surface is manufactured so water and tears naturally cover the lens surface thus ensuring that lens is swimming in the naturally produced tear film.

Smart touch

Diviniti Comfort DAY is a lens that has a “smart touch”. The special contact lens blister packaging ensures the lenses are always facing upwards and contact lens wearer will pick the lens up by the outer surface avoiding touching the inner surface thus gaining extra hygienic contact lens.

The contact lens blister packaging has a special jut where the lens is laid on so it can’t flip over, fold or fall off. When the packaging is opened, contact lens always faces upwards. It is easy to pick up by softly pinching the lens between the pointer finger and thumb. Fingers touch only the outer part of the lens, lens is immediately open correctly – it doesn’t need to be folded or it’s position checked. With one movement lens can be picked out of the blister and inserted into the eye.

The smart touch reduces bacterial pollution, reduces the risk of various deposits sticking to the lens, such as fluff from towels or dirt – after a little practice contact lens wearers admit that Diviniti Comfort DAY contact lenses can be inserted into eyes twice as quickly as lenses from traditional packaging. The amount of various deposits, dirt and microbes is lower, contact lens use is safer.

Diviniti Comfort DAY are the most hygienic contact lenses in the world!

UV protection Diviniti Comfort DAY material has a UV light filter ensuring the protection that is just as important for the eyes as it is for the skin! UV filter built into contact lenses is an extra safety pillow because it stops the harmful UV rays, that can’t be seen by the eye not allowing them to penetrate the eye and promote corneal, crystalline lens and retinal damage and aging. Diviniti Comfort DAY contact lenses contain 2nd class UV light filter that can block up to 84% UV-A radiation and up to 96% UV-B radiation.

Warning! UV absorbing contact lens wearing doesn’t replace the use of sunglasses and sunscreen, as the contact lenses cover just a part of the eye, but scleral area and skin around the eyes and face is unprotected, for full protection against the harmful radiation it is recommended to combine all previously mentioned protective measures!

Product Information
Design Spherical
Material Midafilcon A
Water content 56%
Manufacturer Menicon-Soleko
Package 5
Duration of use Day
DK/l, Dk/t 91


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