Diviniti Ocean Moist 380ml

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Product Description

Effective, safe and moisturizing - Diviniti Ocean Moist is a 21st century lifestyle contact lens care product.

Why choose Diviniti Ocean Moist?

  • Suitable - ideal for disinfecting, cleaning, storing and moisturizing all types of soft and colored contact lenses. This solution has been shown to be particularly suitable for cleaning silicone hydrogel lenses.
  • Double disinfection - a particularly strong disinfection system provides protection against all types of microorganisms due to the constituents. (Desired disinfection duration - 4 hours)
  • Humidification - Of particular value is the addition of hydroxyethylcellulose to the solution as a moisturizer, which electrically binds to the surface of the lens to moisturize the contact lenses for several hours after insertion into the eyes and to reduce friction on the lining of the eyelids during blinking.
  • High molecular weight preservative suitable for even the most sensitive eyes
  • Composition - The composition of the solution is specially balanced to regulate the aggressiveness of disinfectants against eye tissue.

Detailed composition: polyquaternum 0.006% in combination with polyhexa-methylene-biguanide 0.0002%, hydroxyethylcellulose 0.0525% and poloxamer 407 0.234%


The set includes a care product and an antibacterial contact lens container.

* Always consult an eye care professional before changing contact lens solution.

** The contents of the opened bottle should be used within 3 months. 

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Volume 380ml

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Customer reviews for Diviniti Ocean Moist 380ml 5.0
Ricards B.
Lyudmyla M.
18.03.2023, Lithuania
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30.11.2022, Latvia


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