Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus (5p)

Product Description

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus®
The only active family of lenses, refreshing eyes with every blink. 

Pressure from each blink squeezes the lens, pumping minute amounts of moisturizing agent to the lens surface.
A unique PVA based material, nelflcon A, helps prolong tear break up time and relieve dryness thanks to its good surface spreading characteristics.
PVA is a moisturing agent and a common ingredient in comfort drops.
HPMC in the blister pack for an initial comfort drop effect; PEG is released for comfort early in the day.
PVA works together with PEG for comfort throughout the day.

Comfort: Releases moisturizing agents throughout the day providing refreshing all day comfort from the first blink.
Active lens: The release of moisturizing agents with every blink results in a stabilised tear film which helps support clear vision and comfort throughout the day.
Dependable: Thanks to this tear film stability, it’s a great choice to help against the challenges of modern living and the signs and symptoms of seasonal ocular allergy. 


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Duration of use Day
Design Spherical


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