Comfort Drops acu pilieni 20ml

Product Description

Comfort to dry eyes
Dry environments, central heating, air conditioning and wearing contact lenses can all contribute to dryness of the eyes. Comfort Drops provide instant comfort to dry eyes under these conditions.

Refreshes tired eyes
Regular computer use, a busy work schedule and travelling can leave the eyes feeling tired. Comfort Drops refresh the eyes and help reduce the effects of the things that take their toll on the eyes.

Cleanses uncomfortable eyes
Dust, eyelashes and environmental pollution can cause redness and irritation of the eyes. Comfort Drops cleanse and soothe the eyes to help remove the things that make the eyes uncomfortable.

Suitable for use with all contact lenses
Long periods of contact lens wear can leave the eyes feeling dry and may affect visual acuity. Comfort Drops provide lubrication and wetting, which replenish the moisture in the eye, improving wearer comfort and vision.

Balanced formulation at the natural pH of tears
Comfort Drops are specially formulated at the natural pH of tears making them gentle and sensitive to the eye and suitable for regular use.

3 month discard date after opening

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