Clariti Elite (6p)

Product Description

Balanced Approach for Comfort and Corneal Health

CooperVision clariti® elite lenses incorporate the right balance of oxygen transmissibility, non-surface treatment, high wettability, low modulus and high water content, producing a lens that provides optimal comfort and corneal health.

clariti elite lenses feature AquaGen™ technology, a process that ensures continuous wettability throughout wearing time. The high 56% water content in clariti elite lenses combines with AquaGen technology to support excellent all-day comfort for your patients.

Precision Contour Design

clariti elite lenses’ precision contour lens design provides an incredibly thin and precise lens edge that ensures an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. As an eye care practitioner, you’ll also appreciate how clariti elite lenses’ optimized design ensures interchangeability with other disposable lenses for high levels of refitting success.

Product Information

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Duration of use Month
Design Spherical


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